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Two stepping is applying a #1 low pH acidic presoak, followed by applying a #2 high pH alkaline soap directly on top of the #1 presoak then rinsing. Step one, step two, then rinse! Two stepping is the best method to achieve a touchless wash.

Each chemical has its own dilution recommendation. If the recommended dilution is 5:1 this means 5 parts chemical to one part water. For example, a 5 gallon pail of chemical will make 30 gallons total of the product. 4:1 would make 25 gallons of product!

No it does not! Our recommended dilution ratio will give you a baseline to start from. If the recommended 5:1 is working awesome, then you may be able to thin it out to 6:1 and save more money! There are multiple ways to wash, find what works best for you!

Final dilution is the mixed chemical and water that will hit the surface of the vehicle you are washing. It is important to know what ratio your chemical injector pulls to know what dilution you need to mix your chemical to achieve your desired final dilution.

No, two stepping is not always touchless. If a vehicle hasn’t been properly maintained then it is likely you will need to use a brush to get certain areas clean. When a vehicle is washed regularly then you can achieve a touchless wash.

Polish safe acids and soaps will not harm the mirrored finish on polished aluminum when used at the recommended dilution. Polish safe soaps are safe to use on all surfaces of a vehicle.

Non polish safe acids and soaps will dull polished aluminum surfaces such as fuel tanks, steps, grills, headlight housings, wheels and anything make from aluminum. No need to worry about stainless steel or chrome like visors, mirrors, and stacks as non polish acids and soaps will not harm these surfaces. It is safe to use non polish acids and soaps on every surface of a vehicle as long as you do not let it dry or use it stronger than recommended.

Professional fleet washers use two step guns or a two step remote system to apply their soap. The benefit of using one of these is the soap is applied at high pressure which cleans much better than low pressure systems. It is an fast and efficient way to apply your soaps. You can also use a simple down stream injector or foam cannon to apply two step acids and soaps.

A two step gun is a high pressure injector with a bypass that is connected to a pressure washing trigger gun. You can select #1, #2, or rinse instantly with your hands. Two step guns use a hose assembly that has 3 different hoses: A pressure hose, a chemical hose for #1 and a chemical hose for #2.

A two step remote is a high pressure downstream injection system with a bypass that is all electronically controlled. You will use a remote that fits in your pocket to select #1, #2, or rinse. Using this system will keep your two step setup as lightweight as possible by only needing a normal high pressure hose and wand that you would use for any other type of pressure washing. Your remote system will be stationary on your washing setup wherever you decide to mount it!

Pros: Instant soap changing and rinsing

Cons: Two step guns are heavy and hoses are only 100ft long.

Pros: Lightweight and can use any length hose

Cons: Switching soaps is not instant. You will need to know how much chemical will still be in your line before the next soap will come out after switching soap.

Shipping & Freight

Large shipments of 55 gal drums and orders of five or more 5 gallon pails will be delivered on an LTL freight semi-truck. Shipments on an LTL freight semi will come on a pallet that has been wrapped with stretch wrap. Your most cost effective option is to have your shipments delivered to a commercial address with forklift access to unload the pallet. If you do not have access to a commercial address or forklift, additional fees will be applied to accommodate you!

Small shipments of four or less 5 gallon pails will be shipped with UPS. The 5 gallon pails will come packaged individually in a box and can be delivered to any address with no additional charges.

Most orders ship within 3-5 days. 55 Gallon shipment may take as long as 5-7 days to ship freight.

Yes, if you would like to use your own freight carrier please reach out to us in advance to make arrangements.


All product SDS can be downloaded in our resources area.

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